We’re the abstract artwork in your life.

You’re not going to find anything about us run of the mill. We’re eclectic, adventurous & always looking for something we’ve never seen before. We’re known for vintage, but that’s not all we do… keep reading to find out.


Kimberly the “Duchess”

Kimberly was born & raised in Wilmington and works as a nursing supervisor Saturday & Sundays. During the week you’ll find her behind the scenes of UndertowMediaNC & DukeDuchessDesignCo. Kimberly runs most of the online presence from product photography, graphic design to website management & social media content.

Cole the “Duke”

Cole has lived in Wilmington most of his life, graduating from University of Kentucky with his B.A. in Art & Business. He started UndertowMediaNC several years ago, as a full service media company specializing in videography. Cole has expanded over time & recently added FAA licensed Drone Pilot to the many services they offer.

Happy Birthday ColeJ!!
Behind the scenes filming a charity fundraiser
You’ll find a lot of strange little dioramas around our house!