Meet the Johnsons:

You’re not going to find anything about us run of the mill. We’re eclectic, passionate & always looking for something we’ve never seen before.

Over 20 years of small business management combined with our passion for art & design our “job” changes daily & we love our amazing clients who stretch our creativity to the next level with each project.


Kimberly the “Duchess”

As a Wilmington native she’s seen the phenomenal growth of our city and the surrounding areas. She experienced the recession first hand and the comeback our strong community has made. She currently works as a nurse on the weekends and during the week by her husband’s side at DukeDuchessDesignCo and UndertowMedia.

Cole the “Duke”

Cole is from Kentucky, in the late 90s his family moved to Wilmington. He returned to his home state to graduate with his B.A. in Art and Business from Kentucky State University. He returned to Wilmington after graduation and started UndertowMedia several years ago. When he met Kimberly he encouraged her to pursue her first passion, art and design. Together they’ve grown UndertowMedia and created a second business with great success just shy of a year later.

Happy Birthday ColeJ!!
Behind the scenes filming a charity fundraiser
You’ll find a lot of strange little dioramas around our house!