“The Duchess”

Kimberly is a purple headed interior design school dropout who managed Benjamin Moore and Do It Best hardware stores for over 10 years before earning her nursing degree. She currently works full time as a nurse supervisor as well as a public speaker and consultant in the medical field.

She has always had a passion for art, poetry and unique finds. At her first estate auction 4 years ago she found a new calling and has turned her talents into a second business with Cole J. “The Duke” of the Duke & Duchess Design Co. 

Cole J.

“The Duke”

Professional Videographer with a BA in Art & Business. Cole enjoys using videography as an expression of art shooting fashion shows, live events, weddings, and automobiles. He specializes in all aspects of business development utilizing his talents in video & photography for marketing. Cole is well known for his drone footage for real estate and development advertising, as well as commercials for local businesses.

Kimberly introduced Cole to estate auctions and antique stores shortly after they met, where he encouraged her to follow her passion and has been her partner in crime ever since dubbing her “The Duchess” of of the Duke & Duchess Design Co. 

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